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Please consider donating to The Salvation Army Gateway of Hope to help us
further our mission and vision within the communities of Langley & Aldergrove.

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Why should I give?

Many of the critical services Gateway of Hope provides rely entirely upon the funds we raise from within the community. In fact, 40% of our operating budget comes from funds raised within the community. So we need you to continue to help us to help those less fortunate; not just to get by in the moment, but to move forward and out of poverty for good. That’s our goal.

How can I give?

  • Hit Donate Now to donate directly to Langley’s Gateway of Hope.

  • Donate in person via cheque, credit card, debit or cash @ 5787 Langley Bypass (beside Kwantlen Polytechnic University Langley location). Perk = sign up for a community tour at the same time!

  • Mail us a cheque to 5787 Langley Bypass, Langley, BC V3A 0A9

Can I donate monthly?

Yes! Gateway of Hope would greatly appreciate the generosity and care each monthly donation shows.

Monthly donations would be debited on your credit OR debit card on the 1st, 15th or 30th of each month.

Please email our Finance Department at to set your monthly donation today.

How do I make an In Memoriam donation?

Thank you for choosing to leave a gift to Gateway of Hope. We are sorry for your loss.
To make an In Memoriam donation, please choose the top red kettle choice (Donate to Gateway of Hope Langley”). This will bring you to an online cart and checkout service via a secure website. Please follow the prompts and on the page that asks for your personal information, please see the extra notes field where you can then enter the name in memory of, and any further details regarding where acknowledgment and tax receipt should be forwarded to.

How do I donate a major gift ($5000 and up)?

To make a major gift donation  please contact us directly to discuss any special designations for your gift. Our aim is to make this a meaningful and organized gift giving experience.
Feel free to call or email:
Dan Donkers

Fundraising Coordinator
604-514-7375 Extension 234

Some statistics…

Since 2015,

  • We saw a 40% increase in community members accessing our income tax preparation program. A program solely funded by community donations.
  • Average amount of community meal guests went from 100 meals to upwards of 150 with as many as 180.

In 2017,

  • Over 110,000 meals were served

  • Over 700 homeless men and woman experiencing homelessness stayed in our emergency shelter

  • 553 Christmas hampers were handed out to couples and singles with no kids and seniors.

  • 397 Children received new school supplies

  • 15 Children sent to summer camp at Camp Sunrise

If you would like to sponsor a specific program or service, please contact our Fundraising Coordinator directly to customize your donation experience.

Donate Online!

To donate to The Salvation Army Gateway of Hope please click on the red kettle in the top right corner of our webpage or follow this link.