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The Gateway of Hope

The Gateway of Hope is a ministry of The Salvation Army in Canada. Serving the City and Township of Langley, our mission is to help the homeless and those at risk with material assistance and other crucial supports, in order to help them find hope and move forward. We bring a dignified, person centered, and holistic approach to our work, meeting every individual with respect and without judgement or discrimination. We are proud of the fact that over the years since we’ve opened, we have assisted many men and women to move out of homelessness for good, and into healthy living.

Please join us for our monthly community tours! Please call Reception to find out the next date.

Who do we serve?

Anyone who is in need of shelter, food, and other supportive services.

Why do we serve?

Because of the love of Jesus Christ, The Gateway of Hope exists to address the spiritual, physical, social and mental health needs of the community.

See Our Vision.

How do we serve?

By welcoming our guests in, providing a safe environment, and helping them move forward and transform their lives with the help of our partners, volunteers, and programs and services.

Where do we serve?

Gateway of Hope operates in the Township and City of Langley (including Aldergrove).

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What do we serve?

Love, compassion and care for our community and the people in it.