lisa-croppedA Life Saving Opportunity

Lisa grew up in a small town in BC. By the age of 26 she had experienced several painful and tragic events. Her life began to spiral to the point where she found herself homeless in downtown Vancouver. She was using and selling drugs, which quickly got her in trouble with the law. The cycle of homelessness, drug addiction and incarceration carried on for ten years. While she was in prison she would work on learning skills like cooking, but upon release she would find herself back in Vancouver, homeless and addicted again.

Finally, while serving another prison sentence, a friend told her about the Gateway of Hope. Lisa was ready for a change. She applied to the program and was thrilled to find out she was accepted. She was even more excited to discover that she could take the Cooks Training Program once she arrived.

In her time at the Gateway of Hope, Lisa was able to find new direction for her life. She began to renew her spirituality and find strength in her faith, rather than in substances. She maintained her sobriety and learned new skills to cope with the stress and pain she had experienced.

Lisa’s Opportunities Program advisor was an important source of support. Their weekly meetings helped her to stay motivated, focused and on-task. The Cooks training program was another important step in her life. It gave her the skills and confidence she needed to begin to look for long term work. Lisa maintained her sobriety and successfully completed the program, moving into market housing in August of 2018.

Lisa is so thankful for the support she found at the Gateway of Hope: “The Gateway of Hope has saved my life. It has given me direction that I would not have had otherwise. The staff were incredibly supportive and I owe a lifetime of gratitude to everyone who works there.”

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